Wednesday 14 October 2015

The Exiles' Leeds Hub is up and running!

After several attempts by the Chester Exiles to get a few hubs of fans together around the country (and world) we are now pleased to say that the new Leeds Hub is a first and up and running! Read on for a report of their first meeting.

On Monday 12th October a hastily advertised Exiles Meet and Greet was held in Whitelock’s, Leeds.

The city centre pub is the oldest pub in Leeds and was a most appropriate location for the first Leeds Branch meeting!

Six passionate Blues fans shunned the England game on the telly to talk all things Chester FC, aided by the pub’s excellent beer selection (I sampled several pints of the Kirkstall Pale – which a fellow exile described as tasting of toast!) and a pie menu. A pie menu.

Talk ranged from our first Chester games to our most shudder inducing away trips and everything in between. As Leeds is a commutable for Chester games, all of us were pretty regular attendees and many records were set straight on the current squad.

It was a most pleasant evening, and all of us were keen to have another meeting soon, with the youth team game away at Silsden being a great excuse to meet again. I might even try to make a ‘Chester Exiles Leeds Branch’ flag for the game.

As for another pub session, a meeting with a special guest of Dan Toronczak was suggested! Watch this space; I’ll advertise the meeting well in advance this time.

Richard Bellis