Sunday 9 December 2012

Exiles darters enjoying life after promotion

The Chester Exiles darts team are enjoying life in their new division, following promotion last season after finishing runners-up in Division Three of their London-based league.
Their opposition will be much harder this year, and their first game in the six-a-side league saw them go down 2-9 against Scunthorpe, who were relegated from Division One in the previous season.
However, the night was not without success for the Chester darters as they scooped the final 'beer leg'/team game. There was also a remarkable feat from Chester's Matt Maguire, who won his singles game despite his flight falling out as the dart left his hand. In an impossible to repeat scene, his dart then flipped in mid-air and the barrel of the dart landed in the double 16 - which was what he needed to win his match!
Neither Chester nor Scunthorpe were sure if this was an allowable score within the rules of darts. But Scunthorpe were so impressed they conceeded the game anyway.
Chester then won their next match against Exeter, by a score of 7-4. It took place at their new 'home' pub - the Square Tavern in Tolmer Street, near Warren Street station in London.
The team still have eight games to play this season - with the other teams in the League being from London-based supporters of Derby, Bolton and Sheffield Wednesday. Chester are currently 5th in the League, with Sheffield Wednesday beneath them, who have lost all of their first three matches.
The Exiles darts matches are always a good 'social' evening and any Chester fans would be made more than welcome. To find out more, contact Exiles Darts captain Rick Goby, by email: