Friday 13 June 2014

An Exiles' View Of CFU meeting

Exiles' Chair Pauline Meakins attended the CFU meeting at Chester FC on Thursday, and has summarised the evening for fellow Exiles.

It was a good meeting and great that it was standing room only in Blues Bar.

Tony Durkin said it had been a harrowing weekend but he'd been in constant dialogue with the Conference Board. He said he thanked them as they did good job.

Tony apologised that fans had not been consulted over ticket prices through the Big City Census this year, but due to the delay in the Conference Board's decision, the club needed to start getting revenue in as soon as possible.

The club has renegotiated a 50 year lease for ground AND car park, so it can now use that raise revenue. The council is being very supportive to the club.

Other highlights of the meeting were:

  • Feasibility Study on training facilities done.
  • Council taking to the FA to explore funding.
  • After last year's loss, the club is back in black. It has paid the PAYE, all players and staff on time! Building reserves for any unforeseen hiccup.
  • The fundraising team raised £52,000 in the last 15 months. (Will help to improve matchday experience for wheelchair users, with a platform).
  • £14,000 raised from Squadbuilder.
  • Twelve offers to join Board from drop in session before the meeting.
  •  Tony Durkin and Jim Keegan appointed to the Operations Board. A "commercial person" (not yet appointed) will fill the third place.
  • John McCarthy has been appointed CEO of the Community Trust
  • One area the club is keen to progress is on Community and the Community Share issue will be launched by David Evans this week. Tony appealed for more volunteers to help with this.
  • Ann Wiggins has left the club after a Strategy Review and revision of posts.
  • There were 50 applications for the role of Operations Manager and Tracey Wainwright, a Chester fan, was appointed.  
  • CFU is holding a 'Meet the Manager' in the Blues.Bar on 15 July at 1pm. Another is planned for an evening date.
  • Want to broaden Seals Lottery to.non-CFU fans.
  • Tony Durkin has accepted an invitation from Wrexham FC to participate in a sponsored walk on 30 June. He asked supporters, including Exiles, to help sponsor him. Funds will go to CFC.
  • Tony Durkin was asked about the future of the successful youth set up following resignations of Mark Howell and Bernard Concannon. Tony said the Board are 100% behind youth (of all age groups) and Steve Burr is keen to get involved. 
Pauline raised the need for the club to communicate better and more clearly to supporters to keep them included eg on the season tickets and Hereford issue. (Tony Durkin agreed he would action).

She also asked what was doing about the team's bad disciplinary record (which stops the club getting £500k from Charter status). (Tony said he'd spoken with Steve Burr about the issue)

Pauline also asked how many CFU members there were. The answer was: About 1,300.

She also spoke to Mike Day (IT and web expert) and Jonathan Freeman (Membership) about the club's database and problems using it to target Exiles. Both said they will help. Members not receiving emails need to confirm email details to Jonathan as errors sometimes occur, he said.