Thursday 16 January 2014

A Letter To Neil Young

In the wake of Neil Young's departure from the club Pauline Meakins wrote to him on behalf of the Exiles. Neil's reply is also posted below.

Dear Neil

It was with great sadness that we learnt of your departure from the Club last Wednesday. This was particularly sad for the Exiles as we felt you had become a close friend after your meeting with us in London in July last year. That meeting will be a highlight in the Exiles' memories for a long time to come and we really appreciated you making the long journey down to come and meet us.

We have nothing but gratitude for what you have done for the Club for the past three seasons, as we know you worked tirelessly both on and off the field. It has been an amazing experience for Chester fans and we don't think any of us have ever known such three wonderful back to back seaons where we have been truly proud of our Club and walked around with our heads held high.

For us Exiles, the speed of the success has been very welcome too with most of us living in the south. We were in grave danger of losing touch with many of our exiled supporters with all the early matches being in the north of the country, so the rapid return to national football grounds has been really welcomed and has sparked up a lot of interest again among many of our members.

While most of us were realistic in knowing this season was going to be tough, none of us ever dreamed that you would not continue this journey with us beyond this season. We are all very sad and truly sorry that you have left the club and we would like to send you our sincerest best wishes with the hope that whatever your future is now, you find the success you deserve. We are sad too that it won't, in the short term, be with Chester FC but football is such a funny game none of us know what lies round the corner!

Thank you so much, Neil and we wish you all the very best.
From the Chester Exiles

Many thanks for the kind words. I have been overwhelmed with the sincere words that have come from so many people.

It's good to know that I did my best and people recognise that I tried to do it in a respectful and hard working way and for the supporters and its volunteers.

Hopefully our paths will cross again - who knows? If you require an ex-manager to come and talk to the Exiles again at any time it would be my pleasure.

Good Luck